Progress on DBS Gateway Region and DAPhNE presented BPI Co. teams on both projects

02 Октомври 2017


Progress on the projects Regional and Transport Development in the Danube-Black Sea Region towards a Transnational Multiport Gateway Region (DBS Gateway Region) and Danube Ports Network (DAPhNE) presented Bulgarian Ports infrastructure C. management teams on both projects. They exchanged expertise and good practices at a coordination meeting held in Varna on 27 September, 2017.

During the meeting, the objectives, activities and expected results of the implementation of the two projects were discussed. Work Package 4 Administration and Management under the DAPhNE project, where BPI Co. is a coordinator, and Analysis of the potential of the Danube and Black Sea Region, prepared by BPI Co. within the DBS Gateway Region project were presented. The most important recommendation, based on the analysis prepared, is to maintain and guarantee minimum levels of the Danube River fairway.

A number of common objectives link the DBS Gateway Region and the DAPhNE projects, co-funded by the 2014-2020 Transnational Cooperation Programme: strive for a more sustainable transport system, a better business environment, and attracting new business partner and cargoes to and from the region on the Danube River. Both projects have set the ambitions task for the aging infrastructure and inefficient intermodal services that limit the potential of the water transport, to remain in the past.

The Project DBS Gateway Region aims to enhance cooperation between all stakeholders (ports, port authorities, public bodies, universities, businesses, shippers, etc.) which in turn will increase the attractiveness of the Danube and Black Sea in terms of maritime and inland waterway transport. The aim is for the region to become a “gateway“, connecting Central Europe and the Black Sea with the Caspian region and the Far East.

The implementation of the DAPhNE project aims to facilitate a balanced development of the Danube Ports as eco-friendly, well accessible multimodal hubs for the transport system of the region and to turn them into economic centres functioning as catalysts for economic growth and creation of high value jobs. The project’s activities realization aims to improve port legislation and port investment funding, port administration processes, port business strategies as well as port infrastructure and industrial development strategies.

With the DBS Gateway Region project realization will be drawn up specific guidelines, based on which regional action plans including proposals for specific infrastructures projects will be prepared, and the Danube ports network built under the project DAPhNE will enable the ports to reach their full potential as buzzing economic centres.