Port terminal Vidin-Centre with modern European-level vision

20 Ноември 2017


Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) completed the renovation of port terminal Vidin-Centre. The invitation of BPI Co. for an autumn walk on November 20, 2017 along the modernized terminal was accepted by the Regional Governor of Vidin Ms. Albena Georgieva, the Deputy Regional Governor of Vidin Ms. Elka Georgieva, the Mayor of the town Mr. Ognian Tzenkov, the MPs Mr. Vladimir Toshev and Rosen Zivkov, the Manager of Port Vidin EOOD Mr. Ivo Ivanov, business and media representatives.

Vidin is the door of Europe and we have made sure that this door is liked by the guests of the town and the people living here - commented the Director General of BPI Co. Mr. Anguel Zabourtov.

The Regional Governor of Vidin Ms. Albena Georgieva commented that they are witnessing a European Danube port centre meeting all the requirements for mooring freight and tourist ships.

The renovated port terminal Vidin-Centre is in line with the traditions of our town. The site fits in the urban environment with the well-formed public access zone as a continuation of our beautiful Kraidunavski Park. This was stated by the Mayor of Vidin Mr. Ognian Tzenkov who added that the plot became an attractive and preferred place for a walk of Vidin residents and guests. He stressed that the implementation of the project helped to increase the safety of shipping along the Danube with the provision of 5 births. Let us wish more such acquisitions that to bring benefits to all of us - finished his speech Mr. Ognian Tzvenkov.

GERB MP and Regional Coordinator Mr. Vladimir Toshev said that the renovated port terminal is a good example of the fact, when working with vision the projects are being successfully implemented and they are beneficial for all. Bulgarian Port Infrastructure Company shows that state structures, when they are managed successfully and prospectively, can be profitable, stressed Mr. Toshev and added that from now, not only the Baba Vida fortress will decorate the town but also the renovated port terminal.

In the spirit of Mr. Vladimir Toshev’s statement, the Director of Branch-TD Port Lom to BPI Co. Mr. Rosen Borisov summed up that Vidin can boast a modern port with vision on a European level.

The implementation of the investment policy of BPI Co. in relation to Port of Vidin – in particular the Vidin-Centre port terminal, started in 2012 and the project Rehabilitation of inclined quay wall was implemented in the period 2012 - 2015. In 2016, a protective metal railing is built up to 730 meters long to secure the quay wall in the section from Rechna gara to Kolodruma.

In the scope of the project Rehabilitation of Port Infrastructure, serving the berths in the section from Rechna gara to Kolodruma – Vidin centre port terminal in 2017 was built underground wiring for low voltage electrical network routing from transformer station in the building Operational to the crown of the quay wall. Electrical outlets were taken to the existing 5 berths. Reserve of 5 outlets for the future development of the terminal has been created. Along the executed metal rail is built pedestrian walkway with pavement. There are eight recreation areas with benches.

The rehabilitation completion of Vidin-centre port terminal favoured its development in a recreation area as a continuation of the BPI Co. initiative to open ports to cities and enter them in the urban environment by creating a public access zone.