Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company says goodbye to another successful year

27 Декември 2018

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) said goodbye to another successful year. 

Already in the beginning of 2018 to the company’s professional portfolio was added a prestigious award – a prize in the field of IT technologies for the Integrated Information System (IIS) for planning and management of resources in Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company. BPI Co. received the first prize in the category Transport and Logistic in the corporate sector of the competition IT Project of the Year 2017.

The Director General of BPI Co. Mr. Anguel Zabourtov participated in the high-level ministerial meeting in March on Multimodal Transport for Europe, included in the official programme of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. He took part in the discussions on the existence of effective inland ports connections - the most important condition for the development of multimodal transport.

In the same month, Anguel Zabourtov was selected as the ‘Port Pro of the Month’ of the Executive Committee of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) and in April the company hosted a meeting of the organization held in Sofia. The meeting was attended by representatives of ESPO from over 10 European countries including the Netherlands, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland and Norway.

More than 200 world experts exchanged experience at the 7th Black Sea Ports and Shipping 2018 Bulgaria Exhibition and Conference, which was held under the auspices of BPI Co. in May in Varna. The emblematic forum took place for the first time in Bulgaria, as recognition of the achievements of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company in the field of modernization of the Bulgarian ports and the maritime transport in Bulgaria.

In May BPI Co. officially started the construction of the Congress Scientific-Research Centre for control and exploration of the Black Sea in the presence of a number of officials. The modern six-level building will be located in the northern part of the eastern pier of the Burgas-East 1 port terminal. It will be used throughout the year as a venue of exhibitions, concerts, attractions and various educational events.

BPI Co. has also been successful at an international level. At the end of May, representatives of the company participated in the 19th International Conference of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) on the topic ‘Successful voyages, Sustainable Planet – a New Era for Marine Aids to navigation in a Connected World’ and performed very successfully on the exhibition Lighthouses – World Cultural and Historical Heritage, which took place within the forum.

In a crowded hall, the book of BPI Co. Lighthouses and Other Means of Navigation Support on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast (1878 – 2018) was presented at the Seafarer’s house in Varna in June. The bilingual edition presents the navigation, guidance and regulation facilities along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in a larger fullness than all previous publications. 

The general vision of the Port Community System for electronic exchange of information on the Bulgarian ports was presented in Varna and Burgas in June. The establishment of the PCS is extremely important for the development of the Bulgarian ports – it provides effective exchange of information and reduces the administrative burden.  It will facilitate information exchange in ports electronically, saving time and money.

BPI Co. took part in the International Marine Day in Varna and organizes a solemn celebration of the International Day of the Danube River in Lom. In October, the 180th Anniversary of the port of Lom was officially celebrated, a postal stamp was officially validated and the new freight carriageway was opened by official cutting of the strip.

Toward the end of the year came recognition. On the 20th World GIS Day, in November, the Navigation Interactive Map was awarded in the category ‘Travel and Tourism’ in the national maps’ competition Rediscovering Bulgaria with the Geographic Information System (GIS). The map presents the high-tech and sophisticated maritime traffic management systems developed by BPI Co. as well as their ancestors – the headlights.

In December, on the very festive day of Burgas, a modern charging station for electric cars was opened. With the new facility installed in the parking area of Burgas-East 1 port terminal, Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company contributed to a modern and green Burgas and the port welcomed the Day of Saint Nicolas the Wonderworker with another addition to its European vision.

A number of public events were also held in the year 2018, presenting the progress on various projects in which BPI Co. actively participated.

After successfully implemented tasks and realized goals, at the end of the year come the satisfaction with results achieved. And it is time for a bold look at the future challenges of the coming 2019.