Bulgaria celebrates 20 Years Vessel Traffic Services in Bulgaria

15 Юли 2019


Bulgaria celebrates the 20th anniversary of the establishment of vessel traffic management and shipping information services. The occasion will gather at an international conference in Varna representatives of the largest Bulgarian and world organizations in the marine industry on 17.09.2019 (Tuesday). Organizer of the event is Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company.

Bulgaria is one of the leading countries in the digitalization of port services as well as the implementation of the latest regulatory and technical requirements to the safety and management systems and information flows in the maritime transport. Our country is in the global avant-garde as far as the deployment and implementation of innovative scientific and technical achievements in the field of water transport.

Since the activity of vessel traffic management and information services started in 2008 by Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Co., some of the most modern and high-tech systems have been deployed. Bulgaria became the first country in the Black Sea region to build an integrated vessel traffic management and information system.

The development of systems providing maritime and river navigation services become more and more dynamic over the years. Many advanced and innovative technologies of the highest class have been introduced. At present, Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company operates with some of the most up-to-date vessel traffic management systems that provide the opportunity for continuous exchange of information between participants in the transport process as well as throughout the logistic chain.

In order to improve the competitiveness of seaports, a system for electronic exchange of information is under construction. It will connect multiple information systems and enable intelligent and secure data exchange between all stakeholders. The implementation of the new system will be another step in the development and modernization of the Bulgarian ports, which, thanks to the continuous infrastructure improvements, can boast a vision of european level.