BPI Co. contained a spill resulting from a simulated accident

31 Август 2022

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) participated in a joint simulation of a traffic accident between a passenger bus and a fuel tanker on the Asparuhov Bridge in Varna, which took place on 31 August 2022, preventing the severe consequences of a flammable liquid spill into the water. Thanks to the modern facilities and equipment provided by BPI Co. for participation in operational and emergency pollution removal operations, as well as the timely response of a team of Marine Antipollution Enterprise J.S.Co., the spill from the crashed tanker was contained.

The specialized facilities and equipment provided by BPI Co. are intended for carrying out operations in the port water areas, but, if necessary, they can be used in the entire Bulgarian section of the Danube River. They are provided under the project ‘Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Port Reception Facilities (PSP) in Bulgarian Ports for Public Transport of National Importance’. Completing the equipment in containers and on trailers ensures high autonomy and the possibility for quick mobilization and transportation to the place of pollution. 

The simulation was held on the Island area under the Asparuhov Bridge under the title ‘Liquidation of the consequences of a serious traffic accident with injured people and leakage of flammable liquids’. In the operation organized by the Regional Administration of Varna, the Bulgarian Naval Forces, Municipality of Varna, Regional Directorate for Fire Safety and Civil Protection – Varna, Regional Directorate of Automobile Administration – Varna and others took part.