Vidin Center Port Terminal – Ready to Receive More Passenger Ships at the Same Time

10 Октомври 2022



More passenger ships would be able to moor and be processed at the Vidin Center Port Terminal at the same time. The simultaneous daily reception of passenger ships is increased, as a result of the improvements, performed by the Bulgarian Port Infrastructure Company in order to upgrade and optimize port facilities, used for servicing passenger flow.

The number of ship visits to the terminal, ever increasing through the years, resulted in the need of upgrading the equipment of the existing berth No. 5 and establish all necessary conditions for the commissioning of berths Nos. 6 and 7. A reinforced-concrete loading ramp was erected at birth No. 5. A total of 8 berthing devices were built along the crown quay wall in front of the 6th berth.

Underground power supply and equipment with electric panels, according to the applicable EU requirements, was designed and implemented at berths Nos. 6 and 7. The conditions for the access by people with reduced mobility were also optimized, as a metal loading ramp and a mobile platform (hoisting device) were built at berth No. 6.

In order to maintain the modern vision of the Vidin Center Port Terminal, a number of repairs have been carried out in recent years, including the stabilization of the inclined quay wall, the erection of a safety metal railing with a total length of 730 m in the area from River Station to the Cycling Track as well as rehabilitation of the port infrastructure, servicing the berths in the same area. As a result of the BPI Co.’s efforts, the area of the Vidin Center Port Terminal has become a favourite location for both residents and visitors of the city, as an extension of the Vidin Danube Park.