Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Anna Natova opened an International seminar on the project for greener and more competitive ports

27 Юни 2023

We are working on the implementation of projects that will facilitate the process of building sustainable and greener ports. In this way Bulgarian ports will become strategic hubs for green energy, trade and distribution. These were the words of Anna Mihneva-Natova – Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications before the international seminar on the modernization of the infrastructure for shore-based electricity supply of ships. The event, which took place on 27 June 2023 at the International Congress Center Burgas, brought together representatives of state institutions, port authorities, port operators and international organisations. 

Stakeholders of the project "EALING – European Flagship Action for Cold Ironing in Ports" discussed the challenges, opportunities and sustainable solutions for the deployment of shore-side power infrastructure in Europe and in particular in the Black Sea region. In the context of the European Green Deal, which aims to prepare the transition to zero greenhouse gas emissions, studies are to be carried out on port equipment, infrastructure, performance and safety of Bulgarian seaports.

The efforts of BPI Co. are aimed at reducing pollution generated by vessels in the Port of Burgas and the Port of Varna and bringing both ports into line with EU environmental policies. The challenge taken on is in relation to the common European objective of moving towards a more competitive and sustainable TEN-T network through the use of electricity in maritime transport. 

The project, co-funded under the Connecting Europe Facility, aims to accelerate the development and deployment of electrification in the ports participating in the EALING consortium. The Greening Ports Action involves 22 partners from Spain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Ireland, Portugal and Bulgaria.