The Planetarium in Burgas built by the BPI Co. applied for "Building of the Year"

08 Декември 2023

The Planetarium in Burgas built by the Bulgarian Port Infrastructure Company was included in the prestigious national competition "Building of the Year" and qualified in the "Social Infrastructure - Culture" category for 2023. The interesting building is located in the Public Access Area next to the Burgas Passenger Terminal at Port Terminal Burgas East 1. It is a combination of contemporary architecture and modern space for education and entertainment. The Planetarium is a sphere with mirror surface, consisting of stainless steel arranged in sectors. The ring is a metal-profile structure, lined with weather-resistant materials. The entrance to the Planetarium incorporates special laser-cut metal entrance gates, and an inclined walkway winding around the building provides access for people with disabilities. 
Thanks to the technological advantages of the site – cutting-edge 3D mapping and visualization equipment, visitors can get immersed into the mysteries of the vast Cosmos. The national competition "Building of the Year" is the most popular and prestigious event in the field of investment projects, construction and architecture in Bulgaria. 

The aim of the competition is to honour the best achievements in the implementation of modern building projects in the respective year in Bulgaria, as well as the investor, the architect and the builder associated with the respective project implementation.   

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Investor: Bulgarian Ports Infratructructure Company

Designers: Decor Design Architects Burulyanovs

Contractor: EKIP 5

Photos: Smile G Photography, Tencho Petkov Photography