Project Integrated Bulgarian Maritime Surveillance InBulMarS    


The project is financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in connection with the implementation of Working Programme for 2015, Grant Agreement EASME/EMFF/2015/ – InBulMarS     




Budget: Total budget: 238 820 EUR

Grant: 191 056 EUR

Project implementation period: 01.01.2017 г. – 31.12.2018

Grant Agreement: EASME/EMFF/2015/ – InBulMarS

Call: EASME/EMFF/2015/




  • coordinator: Executive Agency Maritime Administration 
  • Partners:

General Directorate Border Police

Bulgarian Naval Forces
Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company
Executive Agency of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Customs Agency 

  • Observers:

Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Agriculture and Food


Goal: Conduct a study to identify the needs and requirements for improving cross-sectoral information exchange in the field of maritime surveillance.


Specific objectives:

  • Identifying the needs of operational centres for cross-sectoral information exchange at national level;
  • Defining new information services based on CISE data that are established and delivered to other sectors at national level and if possible, other Member States;
  • Identifying the requirements and barriers to CISE integration and facilitating the integration of available data into different ICT systems in the user interface.


Expected results:

  • Assessment of existing maritime surveillance systems in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • A survey on the exchange of data between existing systems;
  • Preparation of future test exchange of information between systems;
  • Development of cross-sectoral and cross-border cooperation.


Main components:

Identifying the legal and technical problems of integrating data from existing maritime surveillance systems of the Republic of Bulgaria


Working Packages (RP): 3

  • RP 1 Initial activities
  • RP 2 Publicity and Dissemination
  • RP 3 Analysis of existing information systems maintained by the Bulgarian authorities carrying out maritime surveillance and missions at sea  

Project Manager: Zlatko Kuzmanov, tel. +359 52 684 930,