Management of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company /BPI Co./ defines its policy as an effort to continually improve the quality of services and related management activities of port infrastructure, approach channels and water areas, vessel traffic management, information services of shipping and sea ports, as well as other services, according to customers requirements, LSSIWPRB, ATC and the Statutory Regulations.

Strategic goal: To ensure optimum efficiency of port infrastructure and the services provided by BPI Co, taking into account the available human resources and the balance of interests in the development of the national port system. To achieve this goal is carried out appropriate business planning meeting the requirements, needs and expectations of the clients, stakeholders and the society as a whole.

Quality objectives: 

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company has set the following quality objectives:

  • constant improve the effectiveness of QMS;
  • personnel management to ensure the competence-based training, skills and experience;
  • management (design, construction, development, maintenance and rehabilitation) of ports infrastructure, wave and shore protection facilities, canals and water area required for full satisfaction of customers and stakeholders to comply with the requirements of the offered port services;
  • compliance with environmental standards at minimum necessary public expenditure;
  • ensuring safety of navigation channels and water areas of the public transport ports and their maintenance up to design parameters;
  • organisation of vessel traffic and information services to shipping to ensure safety when driving and manoeuvring in responsible areas;
  • information services for border control and control of vehicles at the ports of the Republic of Bulgaria, serving ships of international voyage;
  • ensure compliance with the performance requirements of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) in fulfilment of international commitments of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Director General of BPI Co. take full responsibility for developing, implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System at all managerial and operational levels in accordance with the standard BS EN ISO 2001:2015 as well as periodic review of the adequacy of the quality policy.



Quality Policy 

Policy of Health and Safety at Work

Policy on Information Security

Environmental Policy