Project № BG16М1ОР001-4.001-0007

Design and Construction of Risk Prevention and Security of Sea Ports Technical Systems (RPSSP)


Financed under Priority Axes 4 Innovations in Management and Services  – Implementation of Modernized Infrastructure for Traffic Management, Improvement of Transport Safety and Security under Operational Programme on Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020


Project total cost: 7 231 917,60 BGN

Grant: 6 055 598,00 BGN

European Regional Development Fund: 5 147 258,30 BGN

National co-financing to the Grant: 908 339,70 BGN

Financing by BPI Co.: 1 176 319,60 BGN

Project start: 08.11.2016

Project end: 30.10.2019


The Grant Agreement between the Managing Authority of OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014–2020 and Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company was concluded on 08.10.2018. The project was completed on time.

Technical systems for risk prevention and security enhancement at the seaports territory have been designed and constructed through the establishment of unified command and control centres, as an integrated complex of security systems, monitoring and risk prevention at the port terminals where BPI Co. is responsible for property management.


A higher level of security has been achieved and real prerequisites for improving the quality of the business environment have been created, which directly affects the quality of the services provided. Achieving a secure and risk-resilient environment is a precondition for attracting more volume and expanded business scope activities. This is reflected directly in the form of a positive economic result for the business of BPI Co.


Main objective:  management has been improved and sustainable quality of business processes has been achieved in the sea ports of the Republic of Bulgaria (port terminals Varna East, Varna West and Burgas East 1), through territorial expansion and technological modernization of early prevention systems and technologies and effective counteraction to the inherent security risks and threats, creating the conditions for the development of a sustainable and competitive environment for an efficient maritime business with measurable level of risk and security for people and goods.

Specific objectives:
• A quality new level of prevention of the established by ongoing audit systems of threats and accumulated as a result of this system of risk potential, characteristic for  the sites within the scope of activity of  BPI Co. has been reached;
• The technical infrastructure of the security systems has been developed, which ensures compliance with the technical requirements for the physical security of the construction with Ordinance № RD 02-20 of 19.12.2016 (SG, issue 1 of 2017.) and  the related to this Ordinance standards – the sites in the scope of BPI Co. under the Ordinance are classified as sites of  risk-class II;
• The basis of long-term implementation of an integrated approach for risk monitoring and risk prevention, property protection and providing a sustainable environment for the development of specific business processes on sites of the scope of BPI Co. is set;
• Transport management has been improved through the introduction of innovative systems.


Results achieved: Three command and control operational centres were established to monitor and manage the complex of technical systems linked through a platform for data and events consolidation, analytical processing of primary information, prevention and sustainable suppression of risk potentials. The areas for integrated security and control in the sea ports of the Republic of Bulgaria have been expanded.

The Project is implemented through the following activities:

Activity 1:  Preparation of Work Project

Work Projects for port terminals Burgas East 1, Varna East and Varna West have been developed, including of security systems, the necessary communication connectivity and the required technical resources for recording and visualization.


Activity 2: Supply of equipment, software and software licenses

Hardware, basic software, and software licenses are provided.


Activity 3: Installation, mounting and testing

The system has been installed and tests have been conducted to accept the system in real operation.


Activity 4: Adoption of systems, commissioning and training of personnel

Security, integration and visualization systems have been implemented, commissioned and trainings conducted at port terminals staff.


Activity 5: Preparatory activities for the implementation of an investment project, which include:

5.1. Preparation of Technical Specification;
5.2. Preparation of a Project concept.


Activity 6: Construction supervision.


Activity 7: Publicity, information and communication – a public event was held to mark the end of the Project in Burgas on 21.06.2019 at VTMIS Coastal Center Burgas. All publicity requirements have been met, incl. installation of temporary bill boards during the implementation of the project and permanent signs after the completion of the last activities.


Activity 8:  Management of the project.

Project Manager: Zlatko Kuzmanov, Tel: +359 52 684 930, email: